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Webstore HR Marketplace


You can scale up Webstore HR solution to online marketplace, which is a website that falls under the ecommerce umbrella as a site that aggregates curated goods or services from numerous third-party suppliers. Online marketplaces provide a wide range of products or services for visitors to choose from. This is usually going to be the case because of the fact that online marketplaces pull together the inventories and capabilities of a large number of providers.

Types of Marketplaces that WebStore HR supports:

- B2B marketplace: A type of marketplace that facilitates the transaction of products or services between businesses.
- C2C marketplace: A type of marketplace that facilitates the transaction of products or services between customers.
- B2C marketplace: A type of marketplace that facilitates the transition of products or services from businesses to customers.

Our Product Features:

- Single website with CMS 
- Manage unlimited number of webpages, Blog, News or Forum.
- Single website store
- Multiple vendor store
- Manage unlimited vendors account
- Manage separate admin panel for every vendor and vendor can manage his products and choose necessary settings there.
- Manage payable amounts are tracked separately for every vendor that makes accounting.
- Manage Ability for multiple vendors to sell their products into single front store.
- Mange Vendor-specific shipping methods.
- Manage unlimited inventory/products, categories and orders.
- Sophisticated marketing and promotional tools
- Configure bulk import/export of products.
- SEO optimization of product listings.

Why Choose Webstore HR solution?

- You can start with ordinary website and later implement other sophisticated parts while your business is growing without additional charge for web platform. With Webstore HR, you can count on several services:
    - News
    - Blog
    - Forum
    - Webshop
    - Marketplace
- We develop both of-the-shelf and custom marketplaces, webshops and websites.
- Our product is extensive with lots of features and loads of modules.
- Our highly skillful and flexible team often plan fast-track deliveries to sync with your launch plans.
- Dedicated support will be provided to our customers after going live for ongoing technology hassles.
- We provide open-ended scope and switch to the priorities and add modules as per changing business needs.

Start your project with us