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    Transforming Public Health: Our Partnership with Public Health Institute

    12 May 2023

    We have recently signed a significant contract with our esteemed customer, Nastavni zavod za javno zdravstvo (Public Health Institute). This partnership marks a major achievement for our ecommerce platform as we have successfully implemented an advanced appointment system for vaccinations, along with cutting-edge technology to present data on a map.

    With the new appointment system, individuals can conveniently schedule their vaccination appointments through our platform. This streamlines the process, reducing wait times and ensuring a smoother experience for both healthcare providers and patients. We are committed to contributing to public health initiatives and facilitating the vaccination process for the community.

    In addition to the appointment system, our technology allows for the presentation of various data on a map. This includes valuable information such as mosquito concentration, pollen concentration, and much more. By visualizing this data, individuals can make informed decisions regarding their health and take necessary precautions in specific areas.

    Our collaboration with Nastavni zavod za javno zdravstvo demonstrates our dedication to leveraging technology for the betterment of public health. We are proud to play a role in supporting the institute's mission and contributing to the well-being of the community. This achievement reaffirms our commitment to innovation and reinforces our position as a leading provider of ecommerce solutions with a focus on enhancing public health services.

    We look forward to further collaborations and advancements that will contribute to the betterment of healthcare and the community as a whole.

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